PR Examples Blog Contributor (Apr-May 2012) is “an independent blog dedicated to celebrating the best in PR and marketing stunts and campaigns”. I regularly read the blog to keep up to date with what is fresh and exciting in the PR world; I decided to get further involved and sign up to contribute in April 2012. Blogging for PR Examples is a fantastic way to not only practise writing in blog style, but also stay knowledgeable of current trends. To see all posts I’ve published, please see my author page here.

Rich Leigh, the owner of the blog, wrote me this recommendation for my involvement, “Faye’s contributions to are always topical, relevant and most importantly given the importance of writing within PR, well-written. Faye understands what is likely to be of interest to readers and that content is key when it comes to sharing via social media. It’s clear that Faye is keen to build a reputation within PR circles, which as a student will stand her in great stead when it comes to looking for a job.”

My first post was published in April: ‘M&S and Oxfam collaborate to launch ‘shwopping’ campaign

This post was read approximately 1,000 times, tweeted 11 times, and liked on Facebook twice. It was also in the top 5 most read posts on the website that week:

Also in April I wrote ‘Volunteer driven campaign to recognise Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

This post was shared on Twitter 5 times and liked on Facebook 9.

In May I wrote ‘Mobile network Everything Everywhere launches online lobbying 4G Britain campaign‘, which was shared via Twitter 4 times.

I then wrote ‘Facebook promotes organ donation registration using ‘life event’ on timeline

This was tweeted 14 times and liked on Facebook 3 times, it was also liked once on Disqus. It was also in the top 5 most read posts on PR Examples for that week.

Next came ‘Weight Watchers and Debenhams team up to enhance shopping experience for those uncomfortable with their weight

This was the 4th most read post on PR Examples the week it was published, and shared via Twitter 10 times.

The next post I contributed was ‘Charity @MissingPeople unveils interactive ad to promote phone service #116000

This is one I’m particularly proud of – it became my most shared post, which given the nature of the campaign is fantastic, I’m glad my write up helped to spread the word of such a worthwhile cause. It was read approximately 1,000 times, and was the 2nd most read post on PR Examples that week, it was also shared on Twitter 41 times and Facebook 5 times.

And finally, at the end of May I wrote what was to become my most-read post ‘‘Fit as a Butcher’s Daughter’ racy campaign for Rustler’s

This post was read approximately 2,000 times which made it the 2nd most read one on the blog that week. It was tweeted 8 times too.

I continue to contribute to PR Examples and will update in due course with current posts I’m responsible for.

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About Faye Oakey

First year BA Public Relations student at Leeds Metropolitan University.


  1. Well done Faye, fab blogs and this is a great website!

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